Planet Comicon is on the horizon

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Planet Comicon is Kansas City’s largest comics and pop culture convention.

It’s time to gear up for Planet Comicon. The show is going to be bigger than ever this year, with the move to Bartle Hall at the Kansas City Convention Center complex in downtown KC.

As usual, I will be organizing the panel programming for the weekend of events. With the new much larger venue, we expect to have three full tracks of programming. It’s too soon to even pencil in a schedule (the announcements of major guest appearances are just now starting to accelerate), but rest assured that there will be plenty to see. What can you expect?

  • Hollywood Stars! You’ll have the chance to attend Q&A sessions with the major media guests at the show. The announced stars so far are Peter Mayhew (Star Wars‘ Chewbacca), Adam Baldwin (Firefly), Julia Benson (Stargate Universe), and Tom Kane (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). There are other big name media guests yet to be announced… watch this space.
  • More costumes! Last year’s cosplay contest was a major highlight of the show, and it will be more spectacular this time around. The Planet Comicon Facebook group is already crackling with costumers gathering their gear. It’s no secret, for example, that a group of ladies affiliated with the Kansas City Time Lord Society are planning to cover each of the eleven incarnations of Doctor Who in female form – plus a tin dog.
  • Major comics creators! The panel programming will include more comics creators than ever before.  We’ve not set the schedule, but you can be certain that we’ll hear from folks like Jason Aaron, Peter Bagge, Dennis Hopeless, Tony Moore, Ethan Van Sciver, Scottie Young, Brian Azzarello, and many more.
  • Live Doctor Who podcast! We’ve lined up the crew from Topeka’s Traveling the Vortex podcast to host a live session. Join Shaun, Glenn, and Keith as they travel the vortex with the Doctor and end up at the weirdest planet of them all… Planet Comicon.

We will have more convention announcements as they’re available. Planet Comicon will be held April 6-7, 2013 at its new location, Bartle Hall at the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. You can find out more information at the show on its newly redesigned website at

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Long time gone

But we’re back, rested and ready.

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Kansas City Comics: the Book

As anyone who’s been checking in on this blog knows, I’ve simply not been able to keep up with the “local news beat” aspect of Kansas City Comics. My day job and family commitments tend to swamp me for weeks at a time, which leads to gaps.

Rather than stress myself out about this, I’ve decide to take a new tack. I am currently at work writing a book about Kansas City comics. It’s currently titled, cleverly, Kansas City Comics. I’ve toyed with other potential titles such as The Official Handbook to Kansas City Comics, Who’s Who in Kansas City Comics, Untold Secrets of Kansas City Comics, and other silly variations.

My goal is to produce a book that is appealing to everyone from middle school age and up. It’s going to be a combination of features about comics-related people, places, and events from today and the past. It will have features on major comics creators with Kansas City connections (think Jason Aaron, Steve Lightle, Richard Corben, Bruce Jones, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick, Ande Parks, etc.), the amazing impact that Kansas City had on classic animation, the creative force of Hallmark, syndicated cartoonists like Bill Amend and Don Carlton (plus the history and impact of Andrews-McMeel), comics fandom, small press, retailing, conventions, and so much more. It will also include as comprehensive a “Who’s Who” as I am able to compile.

The rough manuscript is currently about 60 pages and who knows where it will stop! I’ll be reaching out to the community for tips, interviews, contact information, and any other useful information. In fact, if you have suggestions, please send me an email at

As I get the manuscript further along, I intend to launch a Kickstarter effort to pay for graphic design, cover art, printing, and other expenses. First, though, I have to write the book. I’ll post announcements and requests for tips as events develop.

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