Hall Brothers officially changes its company name to Hallmark.


Animator Ub Iwerks, who was born in Kansas City, wins an Academy Award for the design of an improved optical printer for special effects and matte shots.


Ub Iwerks is nominated for an Oscar for Best Effects, Special Visual Effects for his work on  Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.


Richard Corben graduates from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Ub Iwerks wins an Academy Award of Merit for the conception and perfection of techniques for Color Traveling Matte Composite Cinematography.


Universal Press Syndicate is founded by Jim Andrews and John McMeel. Andrews and his wife Kathleen handle editorial and financial functions respectively out of home in Leawood, Kansas. McMeel and his wife Susan run the Sales and Marketing functions from New York City. The company is now known as Andrews McMeel Universal.

Richard Corben story “Lame Lem’s Love” is published in Skull Comics #2, published by Last Gasp.


July 7: Ub Iwerks, the creator of Mickey Mouse, dies of a heart attack at age 70. Iwerks met Walt Disney in Kansas City and later joined Disney in California as his primary animator.

Warren Publishing’s Eerie #31 features a cover by Richard Corben.


The operations of Universal Press Syndicate are consolidated in Kansas City as John and Susan McMeel relocate to the area from New York.


May 30: Freddie E. Williams II is born in Kansas City, Kansas. Williams is best known as an artist for DC Comics and author of The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics.


Ub Iwerks is posthumously awarded an Annie Award for his career contributions to the art of animation.

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