May: Jai Nitz makes his professional writing debut with a story illustrated by Jim Mahfood in Gen-Active #5 published by Wildstorm.

November: Matt Fraction makes his professional writing debut with “Rex Mantooth: Kung-Fu Gorilla” in Double Take #6 published by Funk-O-Tron.


June: Jason Aaron wins the Marvel Wolverine writing contest, and his story “A Good Man” is published as a back up feature in Wolverine #175. It is his professional debut.


March 29-30: Planet Comicon 2003 is held. Media guests include Virginia Hey, Anne Ramsay, Linda Harrison, Lou Ferrigno, astronaut Richard Gordon, astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Debra Jo Fondren, PetravVerkaik, Jennifer Janesko, and Dave Nestler. Comics guests include Dick Ayers, Steve Englehart, Ale Garza, Tony Isabella, Bruce Jones, Doug Mahnke, B. Clay Moore, George Perez, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman,Scott Beaderstadt, Rick Burchett, Kerry Callen, John Cassaday, Anna Maria Cool, Rudy Garcia, Phil Hester, Mike Huddleston, Bill Morrison, Jeff Moy, Phil Moy, Ande Parks, Greg Rucka, Mark Schultz, Kelley Seda, Rick Stasi, William Stout, Jim Valentino, Mike Worley, Jai Nitz, Travis Fox, and Hector Casanova.

October: Union Station is published by Oni Press. The graphic novel is written by Ande Parks and features a fictionalized account of Kansas City’s infamous Union Station Massacre that eventually led to the death of Pretty Boy Floyd.

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