Zombie Chuck shambles into Kansas City

Zombie Chuck #1
Zombie Chuck is a new comic book by local cartoonist Brian Fyffe.

“Chuck is just a regular guy, turned zombie when he is murdered and then brought back to life by alien means,” says local cartoonist Brian Fyffe.

Fyffe has recently published the first issue of his comic book, Zombie Chuck. “I like color, and I set out to make a lighthearted comic that ended up being all-ages,” Fyffe says.

The first issue follows Chuck and his girl Lily on a night-time expedition to find the grave of his favorite horror writer. The pair stumble upon an evil space alien as it is bringing the dead back to life. As the story unfolds, we learn how Chuck is turned into a living zombie with superpowers.

Zombie Chuck toys
Brian Fyffe's Zombie Chuck toys are made in Kansas City.

Fyffe, who spends his days as a commercial artist, is planning to publish three issues of Zombie Chuck. In addition, he has developed Zombie Chuck buttons, t-shirts, and resin toys. “Every bit of Chuck is made local,” Fyffe says. “My toys are cast in resin, right in the West Bottoms by Adam Smith Studios. I made them with a retro style in mind. I wanted all of the merchandise to be a nod to classic monster culture of the 60s and 70s.”

Fyffe is scheduled for an in-store appearance during Elite Comics‘ Free Comic Book Day activities on May 7th.  In the meantime, you can learn more about Brian Fyffe and order your Zombie Chuck comics and toys at www.fyffo.com.