Comics Reporter updates local scene list

Tom Spurgeon has posted a call for updates and corrections to his “Comics by Local Scene” feature. This mind-bogglingly long list groups creators, retailers, publishers, and other comics organizations according to their metropolitan area.

It’s an interesting feature, and can be a big help to younger creators who are looking to make connections with more professionals who live in their area. If you’re networking with the creators, though, remember one simple rule: be polite and professional, not pushy, insulting, or creepy.

I’ve submitted an update on some of the Kansas City crew that Spurgeon was missing, and I’m looking forward to the updates when they’re released.

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Learning about Fractions

Matt Fraction is the focus on an extensive page one article about area comic book creators in today’s Kansas City Star. Brian McTavish is one of the most comics-friendly writers in mainstream journalism, and lately the Star has been unbelievably supportive of comics in every form. I raved about their support of Planet Comicon just a month or so ago.

The article covers starts with Fraction’s new Iron Man series and uses it as a jumping off point to talk about the explosion of Kansas City talent that is currently taking the industry by storm. It includes quotes from Tony Moore, Nathan Fox, B. Clay Moore, Jason Aaron, and Jai Nitz. 
Well, enough of me telling you about it. Go read it for yourself!