Planet Comicon Round-up

Kansas City's Planet Comicon
Planet Comicon

Here’s a round up of web postings about Planet Comicon 2010:



  • Local comics writer B. Clay Moore has photos on his blog of Jason Aaron, Jeremy Haun, Dennis Hopeless, Brian Hurtt, Matt Kindt, Steven Sanders, Kyle Strahm, Daniel Spottswood, and even Alex Grecian’s son.  
  • Comics Alliance shows a number of photos of creators and costumes.
  • Pitch Weekly has a slideshow with 49 photos — mostly of costumes.
  • Major Spoilers posts a photo gallery by James Deckart. I’ll try not to take it personally that he carefully framed the Helen Slater interview photos to avoid showing your humble reporter. After all, I’m not nearly as pretty as Helen Slater. 🙂
  • Blake of Lawrence, Kansas, posts some Jane Wiedlin photos.


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