Ande Parks


Ande Parks
Ande Parks is a comic book writer and inker.

Ande Parks lives in Kansas with his lovely wife and two children. Most of Ande’s career in comics has been spent as an inker, and that is still what pays the bills for the most part. In recent years, though, he has also turned his attention to writing.

As an inker, Parks has worked for nearly every major comic book publisher, on such titles as Wonder Woman, Superman, Daredevil, and Spider-Man. His bold, graphic style has won him widespread acclaim, including a Harvey nomination as best inker. He is best known for his work on Green Arrow, which he inked over his frequent collaborator Phil Hester. On Green Arrow, Hester and Parks got to work with the likes of Kevin Smith, Brad Meltzer, and Judd Winick. The book has been collected into several volumes, and was named one of the best books for young adults by The American Library Association.

Parks’ writing career began when he created the superhero spoof Uncle Slam & Fire Dog for his pal Mike Manley’s Action Planet Comics. Uncle Slam appeared in three issues of the Action Planet anthology, and in two issues of his own book. Parks has hinted that he has plans for Slam and his canine sidekick, but he ain’t spilling the details.

In 2004, Oni Press published Ande’s first original graphic novel, Union Station. The book deals with the events surrounding Kansas City’s Union Station massacre, which took place in 1933 and helped J. Edgar Hoover make the F.B.I. a powerful force. Eduardo Barreto provides stunningly rich artwork. Union Station garnered many good reviews, which can be found on the writing page.

2005 saw the publication of Ande’s follow-up to Union Station, a return to the genre of historical fiction. Capote In Kansas was drawn by Chris Samnee, whose bold, moody work work brilliantly with Parks’ sparse, intense script. The book details the time Truman Capote spent in Kansas while he worked on his masterpiece, In Cold Blood.

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