CW Cooke

CW Cooke is a comic book writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. He began writing comics after meeting a professional creator at Planet Comicon. That renewed his desire to go after his dream job: writing. He sent an email or a letter to each and every comic book publisher currently publishing comics, and after a ton of nos, he received one yes and began working for Bluewater Productions.

To date, he’s written such Fame comic issues as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Danica Patrick, Tiger Woods, Howard Stern, The Royals (not the KC Baseball team, but about Prince William and Kate Middleton), Vincent Price, Martha Stewart for Female Force, and Glee and Taylor Swift co-written by Patrick McCormack. He has also written Violet Rose about a young girl detective who deals with witchcraft in a small town, Baneberry Creek about a school for fairies, as well as the novel adaptations of Anne of Green Gables and S.E. Hinton’s Taming the Star Runner.



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