Kerry Callen


Kerry CallenKerry Callen is the cartoonist behind the whimsical comic book Halo and Sprocket.

By day, Callen works in the licensing department at Hallmark Cards, adapting the drawings of America’s most popular cartoonists into greeting cards. By night, he creates Halo and Sprocket, one of the most charming and funny comic books you’ll find.

Halo and Sprocket is about a young woman (Katie) who lives with an angel (Halo) and a robot (Sprocket). The series is an outlet for Callen’s fascination with things that simply don’t make sense when you think about them for too long. No topic is too trivial to be turned into a mind bending farce: burping; why there’s a cursive version letters, but not numbers; and the fact that the proverbial glass is neither half full nor half empty no matter what Katie says.

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Halo and Sprocket site:

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