Bobby Bierley


Bobby Bierley
Bobby Bierley is the writer of Yellow.

Robert “Bobby” Bierley fancies himself a comics writer, although he also fancies himself a velociraptor sometimes, too, so y’know…consider the source.

While studying film at the University of Kansas, Bobby began crafting a screenplay about a teenage boy who falls in love with a beautiful zombie girl.

The story went through several—OK, many—drafts, before Bobby had the brilliant/ridiculous idea to turn it into a comic book. Better yet, he would write it and draw it himself, despite having zero experience doing either. Believe it or not, he managed to self-publish four issues.

But things didn’t really pick up until Bobby met at a famous writer at Planet Comicon who looked over the book and gave him the best advice he’s ever gotten. That advice: Stop it.

Bobby retooled the story from the ground up, and relaunched it with a professional artist, colorist, and letterer onboard.

The series, Yellow, is currently published digitally by Viper Comics (The Middleman, Dead@17), although you can still pick up a paper copy here and there if you know the right people.

Bobby still lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with his lovely wife Emily. They have three dogs and no clean carpets.


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