Steve Lightle visits the Legion of Substitute Podcasters

Steve Lightle
Steve Lightle (Click to Enlarge)

Kansas City comic book creator Steve Lightle recently appeared on the Legion of Substitute Podcasters podcast. As you might imagine, the conversation focused on Lightle’s run as artist on the Legion of Super-Heroes titles in the 1980s.

Lightle spoke with podcast hosts Paul French, Darren Nowell, Matt Kramer, and Scott Coles in a conversation that ran nearly three hours.

The conversation starts with Lightle’s earliest days as a professional comic book artist, including his assignment to Legion, then one of DC’s top-selling titles. Lightle shares the story of how DC transitioned him onto the book as Keith Giffen left the series. The publisher continued to credit Giffen as the layout artist for three issues, even though Giffen’s input gradually declined to the point that his contribution to the third issue was answering a single question.

Lightle also reveals the back-story behind the creation of Legionaires Tellus and Quislet, the first non-humanoid team members. “It bothered me that everyone looked like they were Young Republicans,” Lightle said.

Lightle has recently returned to drawing the Legion of Super-Heroes, contributing an alternate cover for an issue of IDW’s upcoming Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover series.

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Free State Comicon: Behind the Table

Guest Column By CW Cooke

CW Cooke
Writer CW Cooke and his wife Katie enjoy talking to comics fans at the 2011 Free State Comicon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011 was a fantastically enjoyable day. A special thanks goes out to Craig Klotz first and foremost for allowing me to take part in the Free State Comicon show and have fun out in Lawrence on that lovely day. Seriously, the only way it could have gone better is if I had a big announcement following the con.

I spent the entire day behind my table, watching people pass by, meeting fans, shaking hands, talking with other creators, meeting creators, signing autographs, selling books, and laughing. There was a lot of laughing. A lot of mischief was had on my side of the room, which we’ll discuss briefly in just a moment. Continue reading “Free State Comicon: Behind the Table”

Fans flock to Free State Comicon

Craig Klotz at Free State Comicon 2011
Craig Klotz is the promoter of Free State Comicon. (Click to enlarge.)

Hundreds of comics fans attended the Free State Comicon in Lawarence, Kansas, on Saturday. Promoter Craig Klotz and his team managed an event that featured more than 30 special guests and more than 20 vendors for a day of fun.

Event highlights included the first area convention appearance of comics artist Terry Beatty since he moved to the Kansas City metro area this summer. Beatty was surprised to be greeted by a real life cosplay version of his comics character Wild Dog.

The guests included veteran comics creators such as Ande Parks (Green Arrow, Capote in Kansas) and Steve Lightle (Legion of Superheroes, Marvel Comics Presents) as well as newer creators,  webcomics cartoonists, and small press publishers..

Check out the photo gallery after the jump.

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