Free State Comicon Report – Part Three

Free State Comicon 2011

Here’s our final wrap up on the 2011 Free State Comicon featuring photos, photos, and more photos. It’s been a week now since the event, and here at Kansas City Comics we’ve enjoyed following up with a number of the guests. We’re planning several future features and interviews that started with conversations in Lawrence.

Who did you meet at the show? What treasures did you buy from a dealer or creator? What made this event better than before? What would have made it even greater? Leave a comment at the end of this article to share your thoughts and memories of the 2011 Free State Comicon.

More photos and commentary after the jump.

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Screamland returns in a new on-going series from Image Comics

A second volume of the series Screamland will debut in June from Image Comics

Image Comics has announced that a second volume of the comic book series Screamland will debut in June. The book is written by former Kansas City resident Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela. It features artwork by local creators Lee Leslie, Hector Casanova, and Buster Moody.

The comic book can be pre-ordered at comics shops now. It is the first issue of an on-going series, and will sell for $2.99.

Screamland is set in a world where movie monsters are real and are mostly unemployed because of CGI special effects. In the initial story of the new series, “Death of the Party,” two monsters cancel their convention autograph sessions to stop the release of a monster porn movie that could destroy any chance for feature creatures to get legitimate work again.

Hector Casanova, who drew the original mini-series run of Screamland, contributes covers to this new series. The regular interior artist is now Lee Leslie, who also creates the Rigby the Barbarian webcomic. Buster Moody provides coloring for the series.

Lee Leslie takes a header

Rigby the Barbarian
Rigby the Barbarian is an epic webcomic by Lee Leslie.

Kansas City cartoonist Lee Leslie has provided the cool new header graphic at the top of the site. Leslie is the talented creator of Rigby the Barbarian, subtitled “an epic webcomic.” The header is based on a panel from one of Leslie’s earliest mini-comics.

Leslie will be appearing at Planet Comicon later this month. “If you know you’re going to be at Planet Comicon, and you know you’re going to want a sketch, please send me an email so I can get started ahead of time. I guarantee if you talk to me ahead of time you’ll get a better sketch than at the show,” Leslie writes on the Rigby site. “That’s just the nature of things. I always draw better sitting at my drawing table in my basement listening to music than at a noisy convention center.”

You can contact Lee Leslie at