Powerful Planet Panel Posts

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m helping set up panels for Planet Comicon. We’ve got most of them confirmed enough to post a tentative schedule of events. Things are sure to change on the schedule as it is now. At a minimum, some blank spots will be filled in once the participants have confirmed.

The events of Saturday, April 5, include sessions with Kenny Baker (Star Wars’ R2-D2), Walter Koenig (Star Trek‘s Chekov), a Ghost Rider session featuring the character’s creator (Gary Friedrich) and current writer (Kansas City’s Jason Aaron) and two long-time GR artists (Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares).

To round out the first day, my long-time pals Phil Hester and Ande Parks will take the stage with writer B. Clay Moore to discuss their current run on Superman Confidential. I’ll be moderating, so expect me to give them a grilling that would make 60 Minutes proud.

Sunday highlights include Eric Powell, David Finch, Tony Moore, and Kurt Busiek. In addition, I’ll lead a session on “Going Pro” that will include plenty of tips for aspiring comics creators. The plan is to include some of the show guests on the panel, but we haven’t made confirmations on who’ll be there yet. You’ll get a sneak peek at the points that I intend to make at the session here on the blog. Of course, it’ll be better in person.