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Kansas City writer Jason Aaron rips the X-Men apart

X-Men: Schism
A cover image from X-Men: Schism #1.

Marvel Comics announced that Jason Aaron will write X-Men: Schism, a five-issue limited series that will divide the X-Men into two teams. The announcement was made Saturday at WonderCon in San Francisco.

According to Marvel’s announcement: “X-Men: Schism puts writer Jason Aaron at ground zero as the simmering tensions between Wolverine and Cyclops come to a boil.”

“In some ways this culminates everything that’s been going on in the X-Men universe going back to House of M,” explains Aaron. “Things have been building towards this for awhile.”

The X-Men will divide into two factions, one led by Wolverine and another following Cyclops. While Jason Aaron has been writing Wolverine in his own series and in Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine, this is Aaron’s first opportunity to write the full X-Men team.

“I’ve never written a team book before.” Aaron said in a Newsarama interview. “I’ve written a lot of these characters before, I’ve written Cyclops before, and Emma Frost, but usually as guest stars. So, yeah, it’s fun getting to tackle the whole group, and not have it be a Wolverine story that guest stars everybody else. This is most definitely an X-Men story. At the end of the day, it’s really a story about Scott [Cyclops] and Logan [Wolverine] — those two guys, and their relationship.”